Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's nice, innit? Lopping stuff off trees. Snipping bits off bushes. Ripping up old fences. Digging. Having a rest and a cup of tea. Listening to Radio 4. Talking to the neighbours. Plantin' stuff. Being outside. Getting a drippy nose from the cold. Ruddy cheeks. Dirty finger nails. What's not to like?


Anonymous Linda Lovatt said...

I was only looking on the internet for a cute picture of some calves for my work and got directed to your blog, ended up spending an hour reading your jolly or should i say grumpy ramblings, thanks for that. I can tell a radio 4 listener, they always know these useless snippets of information that manage to find there way in to conversations, I know this by experience,
many thanks for my enjoyable hour. Linda

3:50 PM  
Anonymous weak at the knees said...

Thanks Linda! Very kind of you. Glad you enjoyed the read. I'll try not to be quite so grumpy in the future...

3:58 PM  

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